Asian Juniors 2014/15

I haven’t blogged in the last what, month? Blame Figure Skating, please. I’ve been so busy training for the competition that happened about a month ago that I really had no time to blog.ย Now that the competition’s over (and summatives are yet to pile up this December), I am capable of writing a blog post or two ๐Ÿ˜‰
Last October, figure skaters from the Philippines, including me, flew to Hong Kong to compete in the Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge 2014/15. This is a competition that consists of competitors all over Asia.


I joined the Basic Junior level this season. I turned out to be the youngest competitor out of 11 ladies in my category. (Yeeep, I was scared alright)
Even if the whole idea of competing in an international rink that I have never skated in in the past pretty much made me want to pee on my pants, I had no choice but to force myself to do it.


…And it wasn’t easy. I skated a clean program in the short but in the long, I made quite a few errors. Through prayers and hard work, I was blessed enough to win the gold.


That competition was the best in 8 years! I’m not saying this because of how it all ended up, but rather I could say that I skated my heart out and made sure to enjoy every moment of it.

DSC_8323 1413197601


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