Checklist for 2015!

Who would believe that 2014 has already ended and here we are welcoming 2015 and hoping for a fresh start? 2014 was a crazy roller coaster ride for me, and my hopes are up that this year won’t be any different.
This is why I came up with 3 goals for myself this year. Honestly, I’ve made many new years resolutions in the past but I didn’t really place much importance on them. So I’m determined to make 2015 different!

Goal #1: Learn how to let go of mistakes. 
I’m quite a perfectionist and when things go wrong, I tend to never get over them. It takes me forever to allow myself to accept the fact that a mistake just happened and I can’t do anything to change that.
Goal #2: Know who to keep in (and out of) my life.
Being a really happy-go-lucky type of person, I try to make friends with everyone- as hard as it seems, I make an effort to be able to work things out with people. Although I have this weird trait of trusting people who aren’t worth to be trusted, and this year, I hope I can figure out who belongs to what.
Goal #3: Keep my mouth shut when it comes to things I don’t mean to say. 
Many people describe me as “frank” or taklesa, and there’s no denying to that. I regret quite a lot of the things that I wind up saying, and if I could turn back time I would definitely rephrase things I’ve said in the past.
P.S. Did you guys know that my top was actually a swimsuit? Talk about form and function! 😉
Wear Sundae red swimsuit (worn as top)
Cotton On shorts
Jelly Nelly sandals
Taken at Calatagan, Batangas

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