Summer Lovin’

Now that summer is fast approaching (well at least for me… some people are already on vacation 😦 ), I have already started to embrace the heat!
DSC_9093 DSC_9080
Not being much of a sunshine-lover, summer was never really my favourite season. I always just perceived summer to be the perfect excuse to have a 2 month vacation, which perhaps it still is. But it was only recently that I actually started developing a bit of an appreciation for the heat halo-halo thrice a week and wearing flip-flops EVERYWHERE.
DSC_9102 DSC_9111IMG_1054
Yet, I’ve also got to admit that a big portion of my new supposed love for the season would be the chance to finally bring out my favourite bikinis and swimsuits!!
DSC_9172 DSC_9179
So a few months ago, this wonderful bikini greeted me in my doorstep. I’ve been waiting MONTHS for me to finally be able to wear it (unfortunately, my parents aren’t exactly nature-lovers either). The black and white top blends perfectly with the teal blue color of the bottom.
Its main material is neoprene, making it maintain its sturdy shape for a long time. However, you do have to take extra good care of it though, you wouldn’t want to ruin such a beauty.
Ahh, I just can’t stress enough how perfect this bikini was for the weather! I spent a part of Holy Week in Tagaytay, and the sun didn’t hide one bit while I was there. I guess it could sense the urgent need for a tan 😉
P.S. I think I spent a little bit too much time under the sun.
PPS. Special thanks to the bestestestest mum out there for enduring the heat (despite your 29158681 complaints that your face would melt…) and taking photos of me.
Here’s to more adventures.
Bikini set from Beyond the Beach Skirt from H&M Flip flops from Kate Spade Sunglasses from Oakley 
Taken at Tagaytay Highlands 

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