Baby, it’s cold outside

Okay, now that the weather in Manila is almost 40 degrees each day, I’m really not enjoying it. Who would’ve guessed that even the ice rink turns out being 25 degrees during the summer?!


This is why I look forward to going to cooler (literally) places in the Philippines, like Tagaytay. The best part is that it’s only an hour away from Manila (well, with traffic it’s a lot longer), and you get to experience a whole new place.


I ended up looking through some of the clothes I normally don’t use when I’m in Manila. I picked up this blue dress that I got in Thailand a few years ago.


I’m also a huuuuge fan of the food there. From the sweetest langka to buko pies, Tagaytay’s got it all. The short ride going up has many, many, many, vendors selling all sorts of food. I literally end up getting all bloated whenever I go.


Meanwhile, while I was taking these photos, I tried doing that serious face most people do when they blog. Well, clearly I failed. I simply can not keep a straight face. 😦


Did I mention the amazing halo-halo from Tootsie’s? It’s a must-try! I tried it for the first time in this trip and it was heaven. I had 3 servings. Hands down ❀


And of course, Breakfast at Antonio’s will never fail to make me smile.

10421521_963143333698713_4850033878530594883_n 10433781_952297818116598_36161682513402164_n


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