#BTS: Dare to Denim

#BTS = Behind the Scenes
What people always see is what happens on stage- when all the models are all dressed up and beautifully filled with makeup. People never really get to see what happens backstage. So that’s what this post is all about! 😉
Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, SM Woman and SM GTW has launched their newest campaign, #DARETODENIM. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of being an ambassador of this very unique yet wonderful campaign.
11390014_982478205098559_4593841016102619637_n 11407049_366341966902727_7999894791667396422_n
The official launch of this campaign was on June 17 held at the SM Megamall Trade Hall. In this event, SM Ladies Night and the SM Dare to Denim ambassadors, along with Ms Joey Mead King and Issa Litton as the hosts were present.
During this event, it was kind of like a Fashion War between the girly, feminine side of an SM Woman which was represented by Ladies Night, and the edgier, fierce side by Dare to Denim.
Now this is what happens before all of that glamour! 😉
Step 1: Hair & Makeup 
This is the very first thing that welcomes you as soon as you enter… and probably my favorite one as well! As makeup artists and hair stylists turn models into princesses, all you have to do is pretty much sit back and relax (if you can :P).
IMG_2350 IMG_2352
onika Sta Maria of Asia’s Next Top Model and Tita Patty Betita
Step 2: Make friends! 
The best part about being a model is always meeting new people. Models, artists, managers— everyone is usually very approachable and worth talking to! I love meeting new people and we always chat about the most random things.
Step 3: EAT
Okay, so you need to make sure your tummy doesn’t end up bulging out during the show, so don’t eat too much 😉 (Haha just kidding, I eat so much….)
Anyway, your gonna need to eat to be able to have enough energy to be able to….
Step 4: …Walk the walk.
Put on your fiercest smize and enjoy the moment you’ve been waiting for (literally).
One thing I’ve definitely learned is: BE ON TIME. 
I know it’s definitely tempting to stay 5 more minutes in bed and take a few more bites of your blueberry waffle, but you wouldn’t want to keep others waiting. Save the hassle of delaying the show; remain as professional as possible and make use of that watch.

Some photos are taken from: SM Woman‘s Facebook Page


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