Were you born to skate?

Being a skater of 9 years and counting, I’ve realized that Figure Skating has so much more to it than what it looks like to the unaided eye.

I would say that there are top three things that I discovered (and continue to discover) with such a sport.
1. There will be many, many, many sacrifices.
From never having the time to go out with your friends and be a normal teenager to not being allowed to eat your favorite chocolate ice cream, Skating requires for hundreds of sacrifices in order for you to succeed. Well, what sport doesn’t, right?
2. It will take over your life- physically, mentally, and emotionally… (even socially)
You will eat, sleep, breathe skating. That means no free time, anxiously dreaming about seeing yourself fall on competition day, and crying your eyes out after losing to your rival by 0.0001 points.Β 
3. But despite it all, you won’t be able to let go.
There may be various reasons for why you got hooked to it- may it be the sparkly pink skirts (that’s what got me hooked haha), the feeling of flying whenever you thrust yourself up into the air, or the sight of hundreds of people watching you skate… no matter what reason, it caused for you to fall in love with it.
And as for me, this was my first love and I don’t think I will ever, ever, be able to move on.
Let me tell you this: it is absolutely not easy. Figure Skating will drive you insane. It will drive your parents insane. It will drive your bank account insane. It will drive your friends insane. It will drive your body insane (literally… you’re probably going to have bruises 24/7).
Add hundreds of rumors on top of all that, and you’d be dead.
But many have proven that you won’t be dead. And maybe it’s that thrill and the craziness of all of it that keeps you there, in the end it is worth it. So give it a shot.

P.S. There are no cute guy figure skaters here so don’t make that your main reason for skating… just saying. Still praying for that wonderful bright day to come πŸ˜‰ (Love you Michael and Jules hahaha)


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