Hong Kong

This summer, my mom and I decided to bond, just us girls! 🙂 My dad was definitely terrified with the whole idea of this- mom and I are probably the most disorganised people you’ve ever known and we have absolutely no skill in reading maps.
Despite the fact that the two of us have been here a few times, dad still didn’t trust our past knowledge and he constantly Viber-ed me the directions…
Anyway, the two of us had loads of fun (getting lost once in awhile is always part of it)! We took a load of selfies since our official photographer (hi dad) wasn’t with us this time.
Well, I think some mother and daughter bonding is always needed every once in awhile right? Especially since mom and I love the same food. We practically gained like 5 pounds in 5 days.
IMG_2607 IMG_2616
Shorts from Charlotte Russe Shoes from Nike Cap from Westfield Ice Rink
Taken at Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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