Besides Leyte (next post will be about that real soon!), I haven’t visited Cebu in quite a while. We actually had a field trip to Cebu last year, but I wouldn’t consider it to be going back home as we stayed in a camp for a week.
This time, I GOT TO EXPLORE CEBU all over again. What I love most about Cebu is how relaxed and laid-back everything seems to be. Compared to Manila, the traffic is really really good.
DSC_9741 DSC_9746
I met up with most of my family and friends, and met quite a few new ones as well. It’s great to see how much has changed!
DSC_9755 DSC_9757
In the past, I didn’t really get to go out often so this time was amazing. I guess Cebu is where the beach and the city meet halfway, right? 😉
DSC_9769 DSC_9779
Here’s a little secret: Ang akong pinakaganahan sa tanan… ang pagkaon!! Lamiiii kaayo ang lechon didto, mao ning tambok na ko ug pag ayo….. hapit naman siguro 10lbs na ang akong nagain uy.


p.s. i’ll also be posting the Dare to Denim campaign in Cebu soon! 🙂

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