My F45 Experience

As a Figure Skater, it has always been important for me to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’ve tried all sorts of workouts: from relaxing yoga, to energy filled spinning classes to intense TRX. Although each type of workout indeed as its own benefits, F45 has become my favorite. One thing I love most? It only takes 45 minutes.


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With school from 7 in the morning until late in the afternoon, skating practice, and of course, stacks of homework daily, there’s literally no time for me to even go to the gym (especially with Philippine traffic). This is why I was more than happy to come across the newly-opened F45 Training branch in the MOA Complex (by the giant globe!).


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The first thing you need to know is that F45 is not like your typical gym where a bunch of equipment is present and you choose which one you want to use (and for some reason, you ALWAYS end up on the treadmill for an entire hour…).

There are 3 things that made me fall in love with F45 Training:

1. There are so many stations. 

You won’t feel bored throughout the workout. That’s because you won’t even have enough TIME to think about that. As you go from station to station, you’ll be focusing on completing your current exercise and doing what’s next.

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2. The trainers are probably the most enthusiastic trainers ever (the beeeest part!) 🙂  

Showering you with words of motivation throughout the entire workout, they constantly remind you to stay on track. “Don’t stop now!” and “Only 10 seconds more, Emee!” are sentences that you will be hearing for each exercise. Their enthusiasm will make you feel more motivated than ever to finish the workout. The vibrant community that F45 forms is heartwarming. No one ever frowns during a workout (except for me, maybe? haha)

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3. No two workouts are ever the same.

If you’re the type to constantly hit the gym, some exercises become easier as you do them more often. The effects will no longer be as beneficial as they were initially. With every workout being different, boredom won’t strike. More importantly, your body will be doing things that you’ve never really done before, working out every. single. muscle.

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P.S. This is pure honesty. Just give it a try and you’ll thank me later. If you try it now, they’re offering a free trial! Visit and check out their Instagram for more details.

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One response to “My F45 Experience

  1. Wow. I love it. Hope you could workout more before you leave Philippines =(

    Thank you Emee. Keep strong and healthy. Of course stay sexy (dont tell your mom that we want to be very payat) LOL

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