The Makings of a Good Bikini

Living in a tropical country means that getting exposed to the sun and going to beaches is pretty much possible all year round. What does that mean?

Having a good bikini that you know you can count on becomes the greatest necessity.

But nowadays, with so many options– different colors, styles, brands, it becomes increasingly difficult to come upon those must-have bikinis. One of my must-haves is this floral two-piece from Vibe Tribe. So here’s why I think it makes a good bikini:

1. An eye-catching print.


Whether it’s a bold black bikini or a neon, floral bikini, its print is one of the main factors in classifying if it is indeed worth it. This bikini from Vibe Tribe is bright, but the white base tones it down just right.

2. Removable straps.


When you’re a figure skater like me, the possibility of having a D-cup is nearly impossible. This is why I always check if a bikini has removable straps, because who would want the top to simply slide down while you’re out swimming with friends?!

3. One extra reliable lock.

Enough said. No accidents here.

4. The perfect fit.


What amazed me the most about this bikini is that it fit me perfectly. Having a bigger lower body means that it can get difficult for me to get things to fit well. This bikini is one of the few exceptions. It’s snug, but not too tight that I feel like I’m being squished. It’s stretchy too, so it clings right onto my skin! 🙂

Now it’s your turn to find your favorite bikini.
Check out Vibe Tribe, the maker of this bikini! Happy shopping x



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